Ears Wide Open: Cody Crump



Cody Crump is something of a terror. The young singer-guitarist’s bio relays his rocky times in his hometown, the western Colorado outpost of Montrose, where he was kicked out of the high school band and choir and impeached as junior class president after being arrested. He moved to Denver, then to L.A., and in 2013 released a break-up album, “Good Luck,” of agile, mostly acoustic pop tunes. Oh, and it was 19 songs long, so that must’ve been one heckuva break-up. For his next act, he has made an EP titled “Death” (due May 5), which isn’t nearly as morbid as it sounds. Nor is it acoustic. Here, Crump plugs in the synths and pedals and, in a manner of speaking, thumbs his nose at “Death.” The single “Just Another Day” is driving fuzz-bomb that’s worthy of any popgazer’s playlist, suggesting perhaps that one’s final day is just like any other. Meanwhile, Crump also has an album of cover songs in the works — his take on MJ’s “Thriller” casts the original in a different shade of darkness.

||| Stream: “Just Another Day” and “Thriller”