Ears Wide Open: Kid Bloom



Kid Bloom are a five-month-old L.A. quintet engaging in lovingly warped, sneaky-smart psych-pop. They’ve recorded an EP’s worth of tunes at an Atwater Village studio that feel like the ’60s and ’70s in a fun house — theirs is an arty approach to composition, deconstructing and reassembling pop elements seemingly on a whim, judiciously subtracting where others might pile on and shifting tempos and moods like jazzmen. The music is the work of singer-guitarist Lennon Kloser, along with singer/guitarist/keyboardist Jesse Perlman and drummer Josh Conway (both of whom played with Dreamers Dose) and Englishmen Will Reynolds (guitar/vocals) and Max Sterling (bass). There’s no tidy genre that fits Kid Bloom, unless you count the category: Now That’s Different, Is There More?

||| Stream: “Different State of Mind” and “I Don’t Mind the Sun,” with more on Soundcloud.

||| Live: Kid Bloom will be playing in conjunction with Make Music Pasadena on June 6; details TBA.

Photo by Tamarind Jones

||| Also: Watch the video for “I Don’t Mind the Sun” below: