Video: Livingmore, ‘Little Bird’


Melodic riff-loving duo Livingmore released a new single this week called “Little Bird.” It’s a summery song about “just watching your path unfold, however it may, and gaining something positive from the things that happen that are good and the things that are bad,” says Spencer Livingston. For the video, directed by Omeed Boghraty, Livingston and bandmate Alex Moore spent nine hours in a pool getting prune-y for their art. The entire thing was shot using Snapchat. Fans could watch each take as it occurred and all the original footage lived on the ephemeral social app for 24 hours. Here’s some fun math: it took five tries to achieve the final 26 takes originally posted to Snapchat, which means Moore and Livingston were dunked underwater about 100 times that day. They wore 10-pound ankle weights to keep themselves anchored. And at most spent 25 seconds underwater. Sounds like a good workout but why go through all this trouble? Why not! Livingston says it was “a fun social networking experiment to connect with people. That was probably our main reason for using Snapchat and also because no one has ever done it before.” The things one can do with a phone these days.

||| Live: Livingmore plays June 15 at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica.

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