Ears Wide Open: Teenage Wrist


Teenage Wrist by Sean Foreman

Love it when side projects turn out like this. The debut EP from Teenage Wrist roars with the dense tenacity of ’90s shoegazers and their safer-for-radio alt-rock brethren. “Dazed,” which came out May 19, is the work of Colorado transplants Marshall Gallagher (Swing Hero, Solar Bear) and Kamtin Mohager (Chain Gang Of 1974), along with Anthony Salazar. The likes of Chapterhouse and Swervedriver come to mind during the likes of “Afterglow” and “Slide Away,” and if you’re looking for one of those chirpy “songs of the summer,” then “Summer” is most definitely not it. Thankfully.

||| Stream: “Afterglow” and “Slide Away,” or the whole EP here:

||| Live: Teenage Wrist play with Buddy Banter, XO and Chill Pill on Thursday at the Silverlake Lounge, and June 29 at the Echo as part of Tennis System’s residency.