Ears Wide Open: Late Night Friends


Late Night Friends

Late Night Friends’ debut album reconstitutes the angst and melancholy of 1990s alt-rock greats into a slightly more modern package. “What I Think I’m Not,” due Aug. 7 via Limited Fanfare Records, is the work of singer-guitarist Barrett Shuler and Jonathan Baron, along with bassist Alex Gallner and drummer Keith Roenke. Recorded with Dead Meadow bassist Steve Kille at the controls, the album boasts some sparkling guitar parts and head-in-the-clouds atmospherics — not to mention, as you’ll hear in the “special” vocal inflection on the single “We Are OK,” echoes of the past creeping in. A polished debut, starting from a well-chosen ground zero.

||| Stream: “We Are OK”

||| Live: Late Night Friends celebrate their album release with a show Aug. 6 at the Satellite.