Stream: Big Talk, ‘I’ve Been Sentimental Lately’

Big Talk (Photo by Catherine Asanov)
Big Talk (Photo by Catherine Asanov)

Ronnie Vannucci, Jr., is known as the big-smiling, hard-hitting drummer for the Killers, but when he looks at his reflection in all those platinum records he sees a classic rock guy. He has dusted off Big Talk, the quintet he fronts with guitarists Taylor Milne and John Konesky, bassist John Spiker and drummer Brooks Wackerman, which has been dormant since they released a well-received album in 2011. Their second album “Straight In No Kissin’,” which comes out Friday and is streaming here, has a somewhat suggestive title, although as Vannucci explained to Noisey it’s a phrase commonly heard in Ireland. “Like, ‘How was work today?’ ‘Oh you know, straight in no kissin’,” he says. “But I like it when people go to the gutter with it.” After all, the album was made with the help of a fan-funding effort that offered as an incentive “a bubble bath with the Big Talk member of your choice.” We’ll pass on the bubble bath (although early anticpate the Instagrams) and settle for meat-and-potatoes riffage of “I’ve Been Sentimental Lately.”

||| Stream: “I’ve Been Sentimental Lately”

||| Live: Big Talk performs tonight at the Troubadour.

Photo by Catherine Asanov