Video premiere: Cobalt Cranes, ‘Heavy Heart’

Cobalt Cranes (Photo via Minivan Photography)
Cobalt Cranes (Photo via Minivan Photography)

How do you ease the burden of a “Heavy Heart?” If you’re Cobalt Cranes and video director Arabella Anderson, you head to the Mojave Desert for some ritual healing. “The desert summons a sense of tranquil mysticism. It’s so still and empty that one feels suspended in time, giving enough peace of mind to allow a reconnection with the spirit and to heal,” Anderson says of the inspiration for the bewitching new video for the L.A. quartet’s 2014 single. “Even in a place of such despair, so much beauty and life is present.” The song is from Cobalt Crane’s strong December album “Days in the Sun,” their second full-length, which found the quartet going full throttle with the sound they call “California grunge.” The better news is that the band — built around the songwriting team of Kate Betuel and Tim Foley — are already working on a follow-up.

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