Ears Wide Open: Ghostporn

Ghostporn (Photo by Marte Solbakken)
Ghostporn (Photo by Marte Solbakken)

First, I will confess to not thoroughly investigating the music of L.A. duo Ghostporn as quickly as I should have. Because of the name. Not the “porn” part — although some alarming things come up with you accidentally Google it as two words — but “Ghost.” On which there should be a moratorium.*** For this lapse I am now sorry; the duo of Kenny Carranza and Tasia Trevino write smart, lush pop songs that would have made any college-rock playlist of the late 1980s and early ’90s. Late last year they released the Joel Jerome-produced “Dream Songs” EP via Lolipop, and they followed up this summer with the sparkling “Vivre Sa Vie” (surely you’ve seen the Godard film), which is kind of an existential statement set to twinkling guitars. Live, the band includes the husband-and-wife tandem of Caitlin (drums) and Johnny Gutenberger (bass) of Two Sheds. And for their next act, they announced last week, they are changing their name; via Facebook, they said that next week’s show at Harvard & Stone will be their last as Ghostporn. Hopefully, their new band name will have vowels. Either way, here’s looking forward to the single they will release this fall.

||| Stream: “Vivre Sa Vie”

||| Live: Ghostporn performs Monday at Harvard & Stone.

*** Here’s looking at you, Ghost, Fever the Ghost, Caught a Ghost, Ghosts in Pocket, Ghost Wave, Ghost Hours, Ghost Loft, Ghost Noise, Ghostel, Handsome Ghost, Haunted Ghost, Jukebox the Ghost, Roadkill Ghost Choir, United Ghosts, Dead Ghosts, Guardian Ghost, Party Ghost, Ghost Brigade, Ghost Parade, Ghost Pavilion, Ghostland Observatory, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Killing Ghost and especially you, TV show “Ghost Hunters.”