Download: AM & Shawn Lee, ‘You Are in My System’

AM & Shawn Lee (Photo by David Burlacu)
AM & Shawn Lee (Photo by David Burlacu)

Long-distance collaborators AM & Shawn Lee debuted in 2011 with an album that fused the talents of a London-based producer (Lee) with eclectic tastes in funk, soul, electro-pop and world music and an L.A.-based singer-songwriter (AM) with deft touch for ’60s folk-pop. Their 2011 and 2013 full-lengths were airy (at many moments, Air-y), fun and stylistically diverse. Their third effort, “Outlines,” released in June, offers up some minimalist electro-funk and soul with sweet grooves that wriggle their way down your spine rather than hit you over the head. Like their first two albums, “Outlines” has a largely organic feel — a feat considering the duo have never recorded in the same room. In October, they will be embarking on a tour behind “Outlines,” though. And they’re offering the single “You Are in My System” as a free download.

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