2015: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite L.A. EPs of the Year


Much of the music that made its way to Buzz Bands LA this year came in the form of EPs and mixtapes — which, owing to their nature, make it difficult to come up with a big favorites list. I tried, although this is more a list of “notable” releases. And I probably left some worthy ones off the list below. (Feel free to chime in.) So get know people like Miya Folick, Sego, SWIMM, Sun Drug, Paul Begmann, Riothorse Royale, the Shelters, Spelles, Hunny, Forebear, Wages, Yellow Red Sparks and the Moth & the Flame, if you don’t know them already.

Below is a huge playlist of songs from more than 50 of the EPs.

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The list, in alphabetical order:

Alge, “Diamond Inseams”
The Bad Years, “Beautiful Liar”
Ballerina Black, “Whails”
Scott Bartenhagen, “Black Dane”
Paul Bergmann, “Romantic Thoughts”
Blonde Summer, “Paradise”
Boogie, “The Reach”
Boroughs, “Boroughs”
Rene Brown, “The Wave”
Corsica Arts Club, “Corsica Arts Club”
The Dead Ships, “EP I”
Decorator, “Transit”
Deebs & Jarell Perry, “Shift”
Dekades, “Dekades”
Dorothy, “Dorothy”
Dutch Party, “Astral Nights”
Miya Folick, “Strange Darling”
Forebear, “Cody”
The Fontaines, “The Fontaines”
GUIDES, “Abstract Mind”
Howls, “Come On”
Hunny, “Pain / Ache / Loving”
Imaginary Persons, “Imaginary Persons”
James Davis, “James Davis”
Kid Cadaver, “Roam”
LA Font, “Hangtime Vol. 1”
Media Jeweler, “$99 R/T Hawaii”
Mirror Talk, “1997”
The Moth & the Flame, “Young & Unafraid”
Molly Moore, “Shadow of the Sun”
Nicky Blitz, “Hawk”
Nightair, “Nightair”
Nobody, “Prodigal Son”
No Win, “No Win”
Open Mike Eagle, “A Special Episode Of”
Opus Vitae, “Opus Vitae”
Phantoms, “Broken Halo”
POWERS, “Legendary”
Riothorse Royale, “The Guest House”
Roah Summit, “Giant”
Sego, “Long Long Way From the Fringe”
Sin Fin, “Volver”
The Shelters, “EP”
Spelles, “Spelles”
Sun Drug, “Sun Drug”
SWIMM, “Beverly Hells”
Their Wedding, “Naked”
Together Pangea, “The Phage”
Transviolet, “Transviolet”
Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA, “You’re Invited”
Vōx, “vōx”
Wages, “Sacre Coeur” and “L’oeil”
Wes Period, “Photosynthesis”
Wildling, “Wildling”
Yellow Red Sparks, “New Fangs Old Pangs”
1st Vows, “The Green EP” and “The Red EP”