Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM (one final goodbye to 2015)

The Independent FM

To kick off 2016, there’s one final look back at 2015 — today’s Buzz Bands LA Show on The Independent FM will be rebroadcast of our year-end song countdown — all 101 songs — which we did over three two-hours shows in December. So it’s six solid hours of local music, starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. Tune in here; playlist is below.

The Buzz Bands LA 101 from 2015:

101. Best Coast, “Feeling OK”
100. Castro, “Peppermint Days”
99. Rough Church, “Grandeur”
98. Kyle Krone, “Afterglow”
97. Big Harp, “Diev”
96. Andy Clockwise, “Open Relationship” (feat. Stella Mozgawa)
95. Pr0files, “Empty Hands”
94. Nik Freitas, “Anyone Listening”
93. Wax Idols, “Lonely You”
92. Vinyl Williams, “World Soul”
91. GUIDES, “Pictures on Pictures”
90. Dutch Party, “Echo Girl”
89. Zella Day, “Hypnotic”
88. Imaginary Persons, “Give”
87. Two Sheds, “It’s Okay”
86. Olin and the Moon, “Every Summer”
85. Molly Moore, “Don’t Believe It”
84. Milo Greene, “White Lies”
83. Lieutenant, “Belle Epoque”
82. Froth, “Postcard Radio”
81. Freedom Fry, “21”
80. Yellow Red Sparks, “Seven Seas”
79. LA Font, “Outside”
78. De Lux, “Someday Now”
77. The Bird and the Bee, “Los Angeles”
76. Nic Hessler, “Hearts, Repeating”
75. MUNA, “So Special”
74. Fool’s Gold, “I’m in Love”
73. Honeyhoney, “You and I”
72. SPELLES, “Rib Cage”
71. Cayucas, “Moony Eyed Walrus”
70. Alyeska, “medicine River”
69. Eleni Mandell, “Baby, Don’t Call”
68. Letts, “Emeralds”
67. Teenage Wrist, “Afterglow”
66. Veronica Bianqui, “If Love’s a Gun”
65. The Dead Ships, “Big Quiet”
64. Alex Lilly, “Paranoid Times”
63. Tijuana Panthers, “Fron Window Down”
62. Deradoorian, “A Beautiful Woman”
61. Fever the Ghost, “Rounder II”
60. Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA, “Hemisphere”
59. Battle Tapes, “Valkyrie”
58. Maudlin Strangers, “Gingerale”
57. Dead Sara, “Something Good”
56. JUNK, “Like a Cop”
55. Howls “Krusht”
54. Nico Yaryan, “Just Tell Me”
53. Spectacular Spectacular, “Saturday Night”
52. Oyster Kids, “Creepy”
51. Line & Circle, “Statue”
50. Lord Huron, “Fool For Love”
49. Shana Halligan, “Been Waiting”
48. The Lonely Wild, “Snow”
47. Silversun Pickups, “Latchkey Kids”
46. The Mynabirds, “Wildfire”
45. Together PANGEA, “Looked In Too”
44. Winter, “Crazy”
43. D.A. Wallach, “Every Time You Walk Away”
42. Alexa Melo, “Still Right Here”
41. Forebear, “People’s Champ”
40. Superhumanoids, “Anxious In Venice”
39. Luke Top, “On The Shore”
38. Bishop Briggs, “Wild Horses”
37. FIDLAR, “West Coast”
36. Robert DeLong, “Don”t Wait Up”
35. Memory Rounds, “ Everywhere Never”
34. HUNNY, “Natalie”
33. Failure, “Fair Light Era”
32. Diane Coffee, “Mayflower”
31. PAPA, “Hold On”
30. Talk in Tongues, “Still Don”t Seem to Care”
29. Billie Eilish, “Ocean Eyes”
28. The Shelters, “Liar”
27. Hanni El Khatib, “Melt Me”
26. Lael Neale, “Born In The Summer”
25. Gardens & Villa, “Fixations”
24. Gateway Drugs, “Fridays Are For Suckers”
23. Gallant, “Weight In Gold”
22. Father John Misty, “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Violins)”
21. SWIMM, “All The Time”
20. Riothorse Royale, “Get Out Of My House”
19. Babes, “I Want Love”
18. So Many Wizards, “Everybody Goes Away”
17. DTCV, “Radio Drive”
15. Sego, “The Fringe”
14. Nightjacket, “The Right Way To Fall”
13. Avid Dancer, “I Feel It”
12. Paper Pilots, “The Weather”
11. BØRNS, “The Emotion”
10. The Black Watch, “Quondam Readhead”
9. Meg Myers, “Sorry”
8. Mini Mansions, “Death Is A Girl”
7. Eastern Conference Champions, “The Kingfishers”
6. Colleen Green, “I Want To Grow Up”
5. Sun Drug, “Easy In Your Attitude”
4. Miya Folick, “I Got Drunk”
3. Dorothy, “Wicked Ones”
2. Blondfire, “Pleasure”
1. The Moth & the Flame​, “Young & Unafraid”