Ears Wide Open: Bad Wave

Bad Wave
Bad Wave

Bad Wave are another band that started 2016 full-throttle, with the New Year’s Day release of their second single “Runaway.” The duo of songwriter Tucker Tota and producer Patrick Hart debuted early last year with the ’80s throwback jam “Look Out,” and they continue in the same vein on the bouncy new song, which sounds a bit like ELO chained under a disco ball while Logic gremlins torture their choruses. Both Tota and Hart are based in L.A. but are rarely in the same room. “We’re like the Postal Service, doing this all online,” Hart explains. “Even if we lived in the same building, we would make Bad Wave over the Internet.” Despite their name, Bad Wave is another synth-pop duo going for the upbeat. Dance accordingly.

||| Stream: “Runaway” and “Look Out”

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