Stream: Seth Bogart, ‘Forgotten Fantazy’

Seth Bogart, photo by JJ Stratford

Seth Bogart is anything but typical. From his days in the ever-so-wacky electroclash band Gravy Train!!!!, to leading the wildness of Hunx and His Punx, to his newest incarnation as a flamboyant Ken doll living in his own pink Playhouse, Bogart has championed being uninhibited, having fun and embracing the most cartoonish version of yourself. In fact, he mounted his own dream world as an installation a few months back at Ooga Booga 2 called “The Seth Bogart Show,” which was very pink and filled with paintings and ceramic sculptures of beauty products he is obsessed with, like men’s pantyhose (“mantyhose”), a tanning bed, combs, make-up, etc, and psychotic salon-inspired videos, with his own version of Chairie smiling in the corner. The new Seth Bogart is all about the multimedia, and he plans to take the whole kaboodle on tour. “Forgotten Fantazy” is the second single from Bogart’s self-titled new album, being released by Burger Records on Feb. 19. It follows “Eating Makeup,” which came out in November with a video featuring some of Bogart’s friends eating lipstick and other beauty products, and vocals from riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna. “Forgotten Fantazy” is a bit more tame and emotional, but still packs plenty of kitsch in its 8-bit beats and handclaps.

Produced and co-written by Cole MGN (who works on Ariel Pink’s records among others), the album includes more guests, including Tavi Gevinson and Clementine Creevy (Cherry Glazerr), a little heartbreak, and lot of glitter.

||| Stream: “Forgotten Fantazy”

||| Live: Seth Bogart performs Feb. 19 at Echoplex.