Video: Savages, ‘Adore’


Anyone who saw Savages at the Roxy back in August got to experience one of the best live shows to hit the Hollywood Strip in a while, during which singer Jehnny Beth literally walked on the audience while the band rained down on them with post-punk heaviness. In anticipation of their sophomore album’s release on Jan. 22 through Matador Records, Savages have shared a striking video for the song “Adore.” Directed by Anders Malmberg (Mew, Mø), the video features the severe glances of bandmates Ayşe Hassan, Fay Milton, Gemma Thompson, and Beth in a void. The lighting concept created by Tobias Rylander (The xx, Lykke Li, FKA Twigs) narrows in on the feeling of isolation. It seems like the heaviness of the world rests on Beth’s cheekbones and unblinking eyes. Despite the dark underpinnings, this storm of a song has a go-get-em attitude. Like we should seize life in our teeth and chew it up. We should lunge at the world with our hearts bursting wide open.

In Jehnny Beth’s words: “…it’s about love, every kind of love. Love is the answer.”

||| Watch: “Adore”

||| Live: Savages will perform at Coachella on April 15 and 22.

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