Ears Wide Open: The Bash Dogs

The Bash Dogs
The Bash Dogs

All hail the power trio. Orange County’s the Bash Dogs — brothers Nate and Jeremy Barrett along with Nathan Schmok — stokes the fires of riff-heavy blues-rock on “The Bash Dogs EP.” To classic rock fans, it’s six songs of comfort food, with some tastylicks from singer-guitarist Nate Barrett and some big grooves from bassist Schmok. And while it’s next to impossible in this era to make classic rock sound fresh, the trio gives it a shot with the slightly surfy “Summa Daze.” Their sheer power and rawness put them in league with other garage-rockers who serve up antidotes to all that is overpolished. Bash your heads accordingly.

||| Stream: “Miss Myself” and “Summa Daze”

||| Live: The Bash Dogs celebrate their EP release with a show tonight at the Constellation Room.