Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

First, thanks to everyone who listened and followed the Buzz Bands LA Show in 2015, especially to last Friday’s marathon program that closed the door on the old year. Now, on to 2016. Today’s Buzz Bands LA Show on The Independent FM is packed with some of the new music that’s suddenly flooding our inbox. Tune in at 11 a.m. for songs from Dear Boy, the Nova Darlings, StaG, James Allen Spirit, Lucky + Love, Post Life, EMAEL, Nick Walker, Ramonda Hammer and Ellie Mae and the Richochets. I’ll have an archival track from the Outline in advance of their reunion show at the Troubadour on Saturday night, plus tunes from the Dead Ships, Magic Bronson, Memory Rounds, Armors and Harriet.

Click here to tune in at 11 a.m. [new link]; below the playlist and an archive of the show:

The Outlne, “Shotgun”
Dear Boy, “Local Roses”
Magic Bronson, “Levitate”
Psychic Love, “The Weekend”
Ramonda Hammer, “Goddamn Idiot”
StaG, “Colorado/Suicidal”
The Nova Darlings, “Styrofoam”
Edith Crash, “Partir”
Memory Rounds, “Tomorrow”
The Dead Ships, “Tomorrow’s Crashes”
James Allen Spirit, “Sound of Love”
Lady Low, “When I Do Wrong”
EMAEL, “Venym”
Lucky + Love, “Sexy”
Beach Party, “Ripper”
Post Life, “Dissolve”
The Von Furs, “N.S.A.”
Wages, “Rattlesnake”
Diane Coffee, “Down With the Current”
Nick Walker, “To Abra, Love Cal”
Brainstory, “A Wonderful Why”
Boogie, “Found You”
Autolux, “Change My Head”
Echolust, “Zombie Birds”
Mind Meld, “You’re Not Free”
Nightair, “Supernova”
Sego, “Micky Macali”
Harriet, “Irish Margaritas”
The Brinks, “Limit of the Deadline”
Trickster Guru, “Feel the Spirit”
Armors, “Revolvers”
Bad Wave, “Runaway”
Ellie Mae and the Richochets, “Tangled”