Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 10)

Photo by Sergio Rola via
Photo by Sergio Rola via

Buzz Bands LA’s “Greatest Hits … This Week” series returns after a break for the holidays (and all of our year-end tings) with a whopping 14 songs by Los Angeles artists, all covered on this site since the last mixtape we posted. Vol. 10 features music from Dear Boy, Ramonda Hammer, Boigirl, the Nova Darlings, Cellars, Haunted Summer, Post Life and Matt Kivel, among others, all ostensibly sequenced in fun, roller-coaster fashion. Stream it here, and below see links to what we wrote about each song.

Dear Boy, “Local Roses”
Ramonda Hammer, “Goddamn Idiot”
Boigirl, “Unapologetically”
The Nova Darlings, “Styrofoam”
Cellars, “Nighttime Girl”
Bad Wave, “Runaway”
Seth Bogart, “Forgotten Fantazy”
Transviolet, “Girls Your Age”
Haunted Summer, “Dawn of the Red”
Justus Profit, “Saturday”
The Bash Dogs, “Miss Myself”
Post Life, “23”
Brainstory, “A Wonderful Why”
Matt Kivel, “Violets”