Stream: Yuck, ‘Hearts In Motion’

Yuck, photo by Caspar Bucknall

London garage-pop band Yuck puts forth an interesting point on the whole love/relationship issue in its new song, “Hearts In Motion.” Bringing things into cosmic perspective, singer Max Bloom says, “‘Hearts In Motion’ is a song about how we deal with relationships. We’re all just blasting through space on a huge rock, so what’s the point in maintaining a relationship? Is it all just doomed to failure, or is it the one thing that we should be holding on to the most in this world? Who knows!” This thought will either send you into the arms of your lover forever, or into bed with the closest attractive stranger, depending on what you’re feeling this morning, or perhaps even how much you enjoyed breakfast.

Speaking of morning rituals, Max Bloom says he started writing “Stranger Things,” the band’s third album, high on coffee one morning, and that sensation set the tone for the all the songs. Since 2009, has been through many good, tumultuous, and confusing things, in a career Bloom says echoes a lot of what the film “Spinal Tap” puts forth as a joke. “There’s so many situations in music rockumentaries that actually echo my life, it really is a giant cliché.” On that note, the band feels solid and pumped to be at it again. “It felt important with this record to deal with a bunch of that stuff, clear out the past, and make a fresh go of things,” he adds.  “Stranger Things” comes out Feb. 26 through Mamé Records.

||| Stream: “Hearts In Motion”

||| Live: Yuck perform March 26 at the Echo.