Premiere: DAVIS, ‘Two Cents’ (acoustic)

DAVIS (fka Davis Fetter)
DAVIS (fka Davis Fetter)

Fans of Davis Fetter’s catalog of hook-happy singles — and there are plenty — must have done a double-take when the songwriter resurfaced in November as the very capitalized persona DAVIS. Switching gears from catchy, lovelorn pop, Fetter channels his inner Beastie Boy on the rap-rock single “Two Cents” and its in-your-face video. Fetter is working with a new producer (whom he declines to name right now) and has been working on a full-length album at locales ranging from Utah to Nashville to L.A. The bombast, nifty wordplay and chorus have great appeal, but the song has a split personality itself. The acoustic version of “Two Cents” offers an interesting example of the myriad ways meat can be put on the bones of the skeleton of a song. Backed by Fetter’s able guitar picking and with some subtle chord changes, the alternate take becomes a vintage blues number, with Fetter taking down people who “hide behind their cell phones.” We suggest watching the video of the original first, then taking on the acoustic version. Either way, it shows that although the songwriter might have shifted directions he’s still confident in the driver’s seat.

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