Stream: L.A. Witch, ‘Drive Your Car’

L.A. Witch

The new L.A. Witch song says it all with very few words — instead, the mighty trio of Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai, and Ellie English allow their instruments to tell a story. Choose your own adventure: Is it a dark night speeding on a twisted highway, a hot day driving full-throttle into the sun, will death or freedom arrive at the end? “Drive Your Car” is a fierce rock song submerged in reverb, off a 7-inch out Feb. 12 via Ruined Vibes/Black Mass Recordings. L.A. Witch continues delving deep into the dark side, allowing its sound to ebb and flow like a black tide. Take a few gems from their growing catalog: the haunting “Heart Of Darkness,” which is pretty and soft, and “Kill My Baby Tonight,” which veers more into psychedelic surf, and now this hell-bent “Drive Your Car” — while the feel meanders it doesn’t stray — they’re all psychedelic incantations chipping away at the heart as kindling for the inferno.

||| Stream: “Drive Your Car”

||| Live: L.A. Witch performs Friday night at The Roxy.