Ears Wide Open: Some Gifts

Some Gifts
Some Gifts

Some Gifts are an L.A. three-piece flying the flag of the indie-rock ’90s, and on their new single “All Washed Up,” it’s not only proud but loud. The project began in 2013 when Buffalo, N.Y., ex-pat Vic Lazar began collaborating with drummer Steve Aguilera. Bassist Mike Jung came on board, and the trio released the EPs “System Failure” (2014) and “All These Ghosts” (last year). Influenced by the likes of Superchunk, Archers of Loaf and the Pixies, the trio is working on a full-length album for a March release. Singer-guitarist Lazar calls the single “an homage to memories,” saying it was inspired by a documentary he watched about infamous rocker Gary Glitter. One things for sure: Lazar’s big, angst-y chorus “Waste not want not / when the past is all you got” is worthy of a lot of those ’90s greats. If our memories serve.

||| Stream: “All Washed Up”

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