Stream: Conway, ‘Sudden Dawn’

Conway (Photo by Zach Gold)
Conway (Photo by Zach Gold)

The headline here is not that Kessia Conway — dba Conway — has made yet another edgy pop pearl that leaves you hanging on every word of her machine-gun delivery, swooning a little to the chorus and bumping with whoever’s standing next to you. It’s that the L.A. siren is a free agent again, after releasing two EPs, 2013’s “Big Talk” and 2014’s “Shut Up” for a major label. Saying that she has a full album in the can, she explains: “I am independent again and it feels great! I need to be free to release music, play and tour. There is nothing worse than feeling silently stuck. I have never been good at sitting still. Gotta keep it moving. It’s the only way to grow.” On Friday, she will release a self-titled EP; three of the four songs (“Big Talk,” “Huster” and “Attack”) appeared on those first two EPs. The beat-heavy new single “Sudden Dawn,” Conway explains, “was inspired by a Native American girl who wrote to me from a reservation. She said she wanted me to know that she supported my music and was ‘sending light from her crazy circle to me.’ I thought that image was magical and I wanted to send some light too.” Mission accomplished.

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||| Live: Conway performs Saturday at the Bootleg Theater as part of GIRLSCHOOL Field Day Weekend.

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