Video: Blondfire, ‘True Confessions’


The new video from L.A.’s Blondfire is more symbolic than it is an ah-ha moment in filmmaking. The gritty, black-and-white visual projects the band’s new sonic direction — away from the hooky, Technicolor synth-pop of the 2014 album “Young Heart” and and into the world of guitar-driven popgazing inhabited by the likes of Lush and (bonus points if you remember them) the Darling Buds. “True Confessions,” explains songwriter Eric Driscoll, is “about a relationship gone cold. Wanting love from someone who’s incapable of giving it to you.” Flanked as she is by dark-jacketed sidemen, Driscoll looks as if she could get anything she wants. “True Confessions” is the title of Blondfire’s new five-track EP, out March 11; the single will be out next Friday.

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