Tonight in L.A.: Adult Books, Lena Fayre, Chasing Kings, Trivium, Silver Snakes, the Gromble, Deadfella

Lena Fayre
Lena Fayre

Monday’s Los Angeles concerts:

► Nineteen-year-old Lena Fayre kicks off her residency at the Bootleg Theater, with Vox and AKW supporting.
Silver Snakes, whose album “Saboteur” comes out Friday, finished up their residency at the Silverlake Lounge, supported by the Royal Sound, Minnow and Aeges.
Chasing Kings, the local faves who have been on hiatus while their members participate in other projects, reunite for their first show in a couple of years, playing the 9 o’clock set at the Satellite, where the Controversy and Pom Poms begin their co-residency.
► And Adult Books, whose new album “Running from the Blows” is en route in March, kick off their residency at the Echo, joined by the Molochs, Drinking Flowers and Terminal A.


Deadfella, the Things and Grit at Harvard & Stone
Langosta Blanca at the Love Song
Scott Pemberton, Alice Underground, Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons and Mik Current at the Mint
Trivium, Kaustik and Art of Shock at the Roxy Theatre
Cajmere at Sound Nightclub
The Gromble, the Futures League and Shape Pitaki at the Wayfarer
Open Mic at El Cid