Stream: Matthewdavid’s Mindflight, ‘Unfolding Atlantis’

Matthewdavid's Mindflight, photo by Theo Jemison

While best known for partaking in experimental beats, fusing hip-hop with otherworldly collage (see “Outmind”), Matthew David Mcqueen has cultivated a new-age alter-ego, and March 26 sees the release of “Trust The Guide And Glide,” a full-length ambient album from Matthewdavid’s Mindflight. Part of a Modern New Age project he’s doing through his label, Leaving Records, so far the series has also included albums by Laraaji and Gifted & Blessed. More along the lines of the meditative stuff playing on his Dublab radio show, “Unfolding Atlantis” offers a gentle, sprawling sonic massage, complete with cosmic chirping dolphins. Rather than nod-your-head stuff, it’s music to take-a-deep-breath and let your mind float away like a balloon. Offering a point of departure into the astral zone, Mcqueen says:

“It’s Now! Eternally! Easy, Tender, Loving Sound.
The Guide is You. The Glide is Life. Be Yourself, Live Fully—
That’s what the Vibrations are Encouraging, Echoing,
Waving, Glowing, Singing, Rippling, Radiating.

And, shoot, couldn’t we benefit from getting in touch with that shimmery part of ourselves?

||| Stream: “Unfolding Atlantis”