Stream: The Mud Howlers, ‘R.R.R.’

The Mud Howlers
The Mud Howlers

The Mud Howlers are a Mexican quartet hailing from Hermosillo in the Sonora Desert to who dish out heavy psych-rock like the invented it and who played one of their first L.A. shows to four people (something about the venue not knowing they were booked). There’s little danger of that when they return tonight; the sophomore EP they released last year “R.R.R.” (standing for Rock & Roll Revolution) has the heft of a lot of the greats, like Zep and Sabbath, they admired in their youth. The quartet had gained momentum after and opening slot for Mexican rockers Molotov, and Tito Fuentes and Camilo Froideval from that band helped produce the recent EP. Hear them roar.

||| Stream: “R.R.R.”

||| Live: The Mud Howlers play It’s a School Night at Bardot tonight.