Stream: Los Angeles Police Department, ‘Hard’

Ryan Pollie, aka Los Angeles Police Department
Ryan Pollie, aka Los Angeles Police Department

In 2014, singer-songwriter Ryan Pollie, dba Los Angeles Police Department, released a self-titled album of endearingly (to some) lo-fi pop songs. If they didn’t make you smile, they at least tugged at your heartstrings a bit, fractured fairy tales viewing the world through the prism of a lost love. Pollie moves out ever-so-slightly of the bedroom — with a twinkle, more atmosphere and no less charm — on the new single “Hard.” It’s the first new music from LAPD since the singles “Insecurity / Water & Wine” released a year ago. The new song was engineered and produced by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen and finds Pollie’s brittle voice lamenting going there again. “I remember writing this song outside in back of my house drinking Samuel Adams on a pretty day,” Pollie says. “Things were getting more serious with my girlfriend, so naturally with all the good feelings came being terrified of our future, all the possible complications that could arise, and ruin everything. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the good parts of life without thinking about how they could eventually turn bad. I think getting out negative thoughts in my music helps me work things out and be more positive in general if that makes sense.”

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