Video: State To State, ‘My Little Phony’

State To State
State To State

Los Angeles locals State To State recently released “Motives,” a follow-up EP to 2014’s “No Bounds” full-length, eyes set on conquering stadiums across the country. Shea Stratton (vocals, guitar), Andrew Orvis (guitar), Feudor Lokshin (drums), and Patrick Morgan (bass) have had previous residencies at The Viper Room and Hotel Café, and they are currently working on tour dates for 2016. To some they may sound dated – not the fun, nostalgic kind – but to others, State To State could be what today’s rock genre, and its array of complex subgenres, is missing. Their atmospheric rock sounds like alt-rock from the old-guard Sunset Strip. Steve Perry, of Journey fame, even contributed backing vocals to the EP. Queens of the Stone Age-like riffs and input from producer Ian MacGregor (Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots) have aided in progressing State to State to the next level on “Motives.” On the lead single, “My Little Phony,” singer/guitarist Shea Stratton “takes a look into a particularly fast lifestyle that is clinging by a thread to stay relevant through young women, drugs, and night life.” According to Orvis, the music video “represents someone struggling through their life, barely holding on by a thread. As he spends another sleepless night running from the darkness and the demons in his life, he tries desperately to protect his inner light from finally burning out.”

||| Watch: “My Little Phony”

||| Live: State to State perform Feb. 18 at Trip in Santa Monica.