Stream: La Sera, ‘I Need an Angel’

La Sera
La Sera

The bluesy “I Need an Angel” is the latest tease from La Sera’s fourth album “Music For Listening to Music To,” the fourth from Katy Goodman. Made with co-writer/guitarist Todd Wisenbaker (her husband), the album is an analog affair recorded at Ryan Adams’ PAX-AM Studios with Adams at the controls and guests such as Greta Morgan and Nate Lotz participating. This one has a sweet rootsy feel, although not as rootsy as the video for “High Notes,” a throwback the early TV variety shows. “We loved making this video,” Goodman says. “The concept was developed by Jason Lester, the director. It grew from a straight up ’60s Buck Owens vibe video into a monster mash.”

||| Stream: “I Need an Angel”

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