Premiere: Rae Okino, ‘Game Changer’

Rae Okino (Photo by Machete Bang Bang)
Rae Okino (Photo by Machete Bang Bang)

Who wants you to hear her first single on Valentine’s Day? Los Angeles dynamo Rae Okino, that’s who. Okino, a singer-songwriter-producer and visual artist, has titled her debut album “Valentine’s Day,” even though, inconveniently, it won’t be released until March 23. Of the album, Okino says: “Every day is Valentine’s Day. [You should] show the people you love why you love them any chance you get. Why wait for Hallmark to bank on your love for each other?” Sound advice, and Okino has made a special video [watch it here] for today with Top 5 lists for V-Day shows of affection, first-date protocol, breakup songs, love-making songs and more.

On a more serious note, though, she says the album “comes from a sex-positive point of view. The theme of ‘Valentine’s Day’ is love, lust, and, not only the general ins and outs of relationships, but the relationship between togetherness and separateness as a means to achieve oneness.” The first single is a dreamy, synth-drenched banger, “Game Changer,” which features a guest turn from Oakland’s Lafa Taylor, whose other collaborations include Bassnectar and Beats Antique. It’s not everywhere you hear somebody rhyme “Houdini” and “Kundalini,,” but if you’re feeling the least bit steamy, this will make you break out in a sweat.

||| Stream: “Game Changer”

||| Live: Rae Okino performs tonight at the Viper Room on “Ladies Night” with an all-female lineup featuring Erica Dee, Ora, Oriel Poole, Cheraki and Claire Mortifee.