Stream: The Coathangers, ‘Make It Right’

The Coathangers
The Coathangers

Atlanta trio The Coathangers are gearing up for the April 15 release of their fifth LP, “Nosebleed Weekend” (via Suicide Squeeze) to mark their 10th anniversary as a band. In 2006, Julia Kugel (Crook Kid Coathanger), Stephanie Luke (Rusty Coathanger), and Meredith Franco (Minnie Coathanger) decided to start a band together. Why? Because they wanted to. Ten years and one Kim Gordon endorsement later, these badass ladies are still doing whatever the hell they want – and we couldn’t be happier about it. There’s something to be said about a band that couldn’t care less about fluctuating trends and tenaciously maintains their ingenuity and authenticity over the course of a decade. “Make It Right,” the lead single off “Nosebleed Weekend,” merges West Coast pop, rousing choruses and punk irreverence with a truckload of charisma.

On the follow up to 2014’s “Suck My Shirt,” the Coathangers left Atlanta to record with producer Nic Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) at Valentine Recording Studios. “Nosebleed Weekend” was the first recording session in the North Hollywood studio, where the Beach Boys and Bing Crosby once roamed the halls, since 1979. According to Kugel, recording at Valentine was “an amazing experience,” even though Jimmy Valentine’s spirit seemed to be hanging around. See if the Southern ladies made Kim Gordon and the ghost of Jimmy Valentine proud below.

||| Stream: “Make It Right”

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||| Live: The Coathangers play The Echo on April 6.