Premiere: La Lenguas, ‘Broken-Heart Disease’

La Lenguas (Photo by Patrick Niddrie)
La Lenguas (Photo by Patrick Niddrie)

La Lenguas — the garage-pop outfit helmed by Christopher Stoudt — have been off the radar for a while after the release of last year’s “Tears in My Milkshake” EP. Maybe Stoudt was hard at work on La Lenguas’ forthcoming full-length. Or maybe, as foreshadowed by last year’s “Love You All the Time,” he was engaged in stupefied mopery over getting dumped. The new song “Broken-Heart Disease” certainly suggests the latter, with Stoudt losing himself in a haze of what’s-the-use. “I get high all the time, do you mind? / Cuz it really doesn’t matter at all,” he laments, depending on those chugging guitars for the will to carry on with life. La Lenguas’ album is being produced by Zak Mouton at Route 2 Recordings and will be out later this year on Burger. So … Feeling low? Get high.

||| Stream: “Broken-Heart Disease”

||| Live: La Lenguas performs tonight at Resident as part of the Andrew St. James resdiency.

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