Ears Wide Open: TUFT

TUFT (Photo by Elli Papayanopoulos)
TUFT (Photo by Elli Papayanopoulos)

Casey Trela, Kevin Manwarren and Roxy Radulescu have sent packing their sing-songy moniker Hi Ho Silver Oh and settled in with a new band name, the concise, all-caps TUFT. And since their music is often a web of permutations, what’s a name change between friends? TUFT announced this week that their “debut” album “Look Look” would arrive April 8. It will include the previously released single “What I Am Doing,” as well as the new jam “Still,” a shape-shifting indie-rocker that recalls the Cold War Kids doing Pell Mell, or other chord recombinators from the noisy ’90s. The song “is about looking for the value in nostalgia or in the past in general,” the band told KCRW, where it premiered. “How as you get older and build up more memories tied to different people and places and emotions, it can get harder to look forward and see an untainted future.”

||| Stream: “Stills”

||| Live: TUFT plays April 7 at the Hi Hat.