Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 16)

Photo by Philippe Wuyts via
Photo by Philippe Wuyts via

It was a busy week here in the trenches at Buzz Bands LA. Our “Greatest Hits … This Week, Vol. 16” features songs from TUFT, the Record Company, Marjorie Fair, Air Life, Lady Low, Crescendo, Magic Bronson, Mayer Hawthorne and more. If you missed one of our posts, you can catch up by checking out the links beneath the player.

TUFT, “Stills”
The Record Company, “Off the Ground”
Marjorie Fair, “Songbird”
VUM, “New Girls”
Mayer Hawthorne, “Love Like That”
Air Life, “Searching’ for an Answer”
Magic Bronson, “Run Run”
Crescendo, “Pressure”
Audacity, “Umbrellas”
The Electric West, “Death Birds”
Fatal Jamz, “Jean Paul Gaultier”
La Lenguas, “Broken-Heart Disease”
Viktor Fiction, “Love and Addiction”
Lady Low, “You & I”

We also wrote about (but not available on Soundcloud):

Malena Cadiz, “At the Symphony”
Xu Xu Fang, “I Crave”
My Hawaii, “Setsuna”