Stream: Coast Modern, ‘Animals’

Coast Modern, photo by Timothy Norris

He wants some chocolate, not a Tootsie roll. He does not want to be a vegetable. Following such logic, Coast Modern embraces the better points of being an animal in the L.A. pop duo’s new song, “Animals,” out this week through +1 Records. Waking up on the floor hungover clutching at aspirin, falling in and out of love a lot, digging into rabbit holes for better or worse, writing a life story as you go. The song floats at a leisure pace with plenty of rousing backing from a chorus of voices, horn sounds, bubbling noises, cheering, and snappy percussion, making this a swell follow-up to Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp’s ebullient debut single, “Hollow Life.”

||| Stream: “Animals”

||| Live: Coast Modern perform Aug. 3 at the Fonda, opening for the Wombats.