Video: Massive Attack, ‘Voodoo in My Blood’


It’s good to have Oscar-nominated actors on speed dial, right? Massive Attack have released a second (spectacular) video for a song from their new “Ritual Spirit” EP, their first release in six years. This one, for “Voodoo in My Blood,” was directed by Ringan Ledwidge and stars “Gone Girl’s” Rosamind Pike having a strange encounter with a floating orb in a tunnel in London’s Joe Strummer subway. “Am I involved?… Someone said the girl in the video looks like me. I have been to the Joe Strummer subway. I did have a strange encounter there once,” a statement from the actress said. Rolling Stone notes that the video combines the orb from “Phantasm” and the subway scene from “Possession.” The song, meanwhile, features vocals from Scottish genre-mashers Young Fathers. The EP also included the return of Tricky on “Take It There.” The Hiro Murai-directed video for that song featured actor John Hawkes.

||| Watch: The videos for “Voodoo in My Blood” and “Take It There”