Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

New albums from The Moth & the Flame, StaG, Feels, Run River North and the Two Tens arrive today, and songs from those artists — along with new music from Freedom Fry, James Allen Spirit, Marjorie Fair, Glasz, DJ Dodger Stadium, GRIT and Dutch Party — soundtrack today’s Buzz Bands LA Show on the Independent FM. Tune in here at 11 a.m. for two hours of local music. Playlist is below, along with an archive of the show.

The Moth & the Flame, “Live While I Breathe”
Cellars, “Nighttime Girl”
Feels, “Close My Eyes”
Audacity, “Umbrellas”
Adult Books, “Nihilism for Beginners”
Drinking Flowers, “Black Monday”
The Two Tens, “Scene”
Partybaby, “Everything’s All Right”
Dutch Party, “The Passenger”
StaG, “Never Saw Another”
Diane Coffee, “GovT”
Sego, “Stars”
James Allen Spirit, “Just Like the Radio”
Golden Daze, “Salt”
Marjorie Fair, “14th Century Man”
Luke Top, “On the Shore”
Glasz, “What You Say”
Elohim, “Pigments”
The Gromble, “Real Sympathy”
DJ Dodger Stadium, “Something to Believe In”
Mothlight, “Annie”
Run River North, “Can’t Come Down”
Freedom Fry, “The Words”
GRIT, “New Car”
The Record Company, “Give It Back to You”
Miranda Lee Richards, “7th Ray”
Harriet, “Ten Steps”
Kitten, “Fall on Me”
WAGES, “Rattlesnake”
Edith Crash, “Partir”
Ramonda Hammer, “Goddamn Idiot”
Torches, “Tongues”