L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 9 on KCSN

KCSN (88.5 FM, streaming at KCSN.org)

Join me for the post-Oscars edition of the L.A. Buzz Bands Show, kicking off at 9 tonight on KCSN (88.5 FM, streaming at KCSN.org). I’ll have new music from Beach Party, the Dead Ships, Alina Bea, the Soft White Sixties, Marjorie Fair and Sego, along with songs from recently released albums by the Moth & the Flame, Feels and the Two Tens. And no long-winded speeches.

If you’re out of FM range, click here to tune in at 9.

Tonight’s playlist:

Beach Party, “Ripper”
Feels, “Close My Eyes”
The Moth & the Flame, “Live While I Breathe”
Sego, “Stars”
Blondfire, “True Confessions”
Marjorie Fair, “14th Century Man”
The Soft White Sixties, “Sorry to Say”
Cellars, “Nighttime Girl”
The Two Tens, “You Want It All”
Brian Whelan, “Go Dancing”
The Dead Ships, “Company Line”
Alina Bea, “Too Close”
The Gromble, “Real Sympathy”
Luke Top, “On the Shore”
Gardens & Villa, “Fixations”
Freedom Fry, The Words”