Premiere: Bür Gür, ‘If I Was a Child’

Bür Gür,
Bür Gür

Bür Gür’s trippy tropi-pop is the brainchild of Corbin Clarke and Makan Negahban, who, armed with an array of gear, technical prowess and polychromatic imaginations, experiment in minimalist flights of fancy. They have finished work on on their new album “Have You Lost Your Faith in God?” — the follow-up to their whimsical 2014 debut “Alligator Cheesecake.” The duo just signed on with New Los Angeles to release their sophomore effort (date TBA), and in the new single “If I Was a Child,” singer Negahban addresses “the fear of success and trying not to stop yourself when you have some good momentum,” he says. And they seem to have that.

For you studio wizards, Clarke allows an eye in to the creation of the deftly layered track: “I dialed up a quick reggaeton beat on the MPC, then threw down the bass line and vocals. Makan came over and we built up the second half of the track bit by bit, then spent about a week upgrading the beat. I borrowed a super unique rusty metal snare drum from my friend’s dad, who is in a cumbia band, which features quite prominently on this track. The synths at the end are actually a VST (Waves Element) running out of the headphone jack on Makan’s laptop, through an ISA-one, compressor and SP-555, then back into my laptop. I believe each synth was re-amped twice — once with a Fender twin-reverb and once through an old KRK studio monitor.”

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