Ears Wide Open: Partybaby

PARTYBABY (photo by Jamie Milton)
PARTYBABY (photo by Jamie Milton)

Newbies Partybaby have only released two songs, and rumors of their allure are already spreading like wildfire thanks, in part, to touring with The Academy Is last December. They might be new as a band, but masterminds Noah Gersh and Jamie Schefman are far from green. Gersh is a former member of Portugal. The Man and Schefman has been working as a producer and engineer, most notably for 30 Seconds to Mars. The two were desperately trying to pump out a hit song for Christina Aguilera, fed up with the trials and tribulations that accompany the music business, and battling overwhelming cynicism. Out of that frustration came “Your Old Man,” which was written on the spot. Forget about Ms. Aguilera, they have a band! Both of the songs Partybaby have released so far are dirty, lo-fi Cali glam-punk drawing comparisons to FIDLAR. “Your Old Man” is the follow up to Partybaby’s explosive debut, “Everything’s All Right.” The video for “Your Old Man,” directed by Matt Sukkar, follows a group of teens that your grandfather would probably spray with the hose to get them off his lawn. It’s shot like an old skate video, perfect for the band’s aesthetic. Gersh and Schefman have big plans for 2016. A full-length is already finished and they’re heading overseas to the U.K. Says Gersh: “If we can in any way help anyone feel happy for a second of their day, then I think it’s enough to keep me going.”

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