Stream: Moving Units, ‘Opposite of Rhyming’

Moving Units
Moving Units

L.A.’s Moving Units were one of the forerunners of the early-Aughts dance-punk revival, and had the trio not fallen in with a clueless record label early in their career they could have had a public profile closer to the Rapture, !!! and LCD Soundsystem than the almost (but not) forgotten Radio 4, Longwave and the Fever. In recent years, frontman Blake Miller has carried on the band with new members Mike Delgado and Danny DeLeon, dispensing with the electro sound of M>U’s middle years in favor of good ol’ in-your-face guitar-drums-bass. It’s worked; 2013’s underrated “Neurotic Exotic” was something of a comeback album, and now Moving Units have readied a follow-up “Damage With Care,” their fourth full-length, due April 8. The first single “Opposite of Rhyming” is rapturously abrasive, the perfect antidote to all the “pretty” four-on-the-floor detritus that moves butts but has no spine. Here’s to making dance an imperative.

||| Stream: “Opposite of Rhyming”

||| Live: Moving Units play at the Observatory in Orange County on March 13 as part of the five-day Burger x Observatory Celebration.