Stream: Gallant, ‘Bourbon’


Chris Gallant, who hits all the right notes as Gallant, proved his “Weight in Gold” with a couple of stratospheric singles last year, following up a 2014 EP that marked him as an artist to watch. Today the Coachella-bound singer announced that his debut full-length “Ology” would be out April 6 via the label Mind of a Genius. The album features production from ZHU (Grammy-nominated for “Faded” and Gallant’s mate on an upcoming tour), along with Adrian Younge, STINT and, on the new song “Bourbon,” Josh Abraham & Oligee. The album packs 16 tracks, including Gallant’s collaboration with Jhen√© Aiko, “Skipping Stones.” In announcing the album Gallant says: “I’ve waited a long time to say everything that I’m saying in this album and it’s terrifying to think that people will hear it. But I couldn’t be more proud of this body of work.” Similarly, on the new single, Gallant cops to have been “wrestling doubt I’ve been dragging around for ages,” but that’s frequently abetted by liquid courage, right? “Bourbon,” please. Neat.

||| Stream: “Bourbon”

||| Live: Gallant performs April 15 and 22 at Coachella.

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