Stream: Mating Ritual, ‘Mating Ritual’ EP

Mating Ritual (Photo by Lizzy Land)
Mating Ritual (Photo by Lizzy Land)

Twenty-six-year-old Ryan Marshall Lawhon takes his nom de tuneMating Ritual — literally on his first proper EP, a self-titled affair released Friday. Lawhon, who debuted his project in early 2015 after teaming with his brother Taylor in the electro duo Pacific Air, takes listeners through a four-song relationship cycle on the EP, starting with the previously released and unfailingly catchy power-pop romp “I Wear Glasses.” The highlight might be “I Can’t Dance,” the sound of a romance fracturing set to galloping drums and sharp guitars. Collaborator Lizzy Land contributes vocals on “Cold,” an oozing throwback to Lawhon’s synth-pop days, and “Don’t Know Your Name” flashes back to the New Wave ’80s with some modern wrinkles. There’s no happy ending in Lawhon’s narrative, just a four-pack of sticky pop egress.

||| Stream: “Mating Ritual” EP

||| Live: Mating Ritual does the free Monday night residency this month at the Satellite, starting March 7.

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