Premiere: Broken Arrow, ‘Promises’

Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow

From its name, Broken Arrow sounds as if it should be engaging in epic Americana, or Neil Young homage. It is actually the long-incubating collaboration between singer-songwriter Brandi Emma and Scottish transplant Charlie Clark, whose moody balladry finds a cinematic gravity on the regret-tinged first single “Promises.” Broken Arrow is not the first time the pair have worked together; Emma sang on Clark’s solo EP, 2013’s “Feel Something.” And Emma’s rich vocals have been on display in the electro-pop project The Fox Must Pay and on her solo work dating back to her engaging 2007 album, “Swim,” released as Emma Burgess. Clark, whose recent exploits have included a single as Charlie Clark & the Majestic 12, is a veteran of the Scottish supergroup the Reindeer Section (and originally a member of the recently rebooted Scottish pop outfit Astrid), and the new music from Broken Arrow was produced by fellow Scotsman Paul Wilson of Snow Patrol. The slow-building “Promises,” to be released on Clark’s Indiscretion Records (via Manimal), fulfills the promise of its creators’ sure-handed songcraft.

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||| Live: Broken Arrow play the Hotel Cafe Second Stage on April 7.