Stream: Lewis Del Mar, ‘Malt Liquor’

Lewis Del Mar

A contemplation on the consequences of pleasure-chasing, “Malt Liquor” is the latest tune from Rockaway Beach duo Lewis Del Mar, from their debut EP, following “Wave(s),” “Memories,” and Internet-chart topping “Loud(y).” Danny Miller and Max Harwood have been playing music together since 5th grade. In 2013, they began working on Lewis Del Mar, a name inspired by the fact both their dads are named Lewis, and their beachside residence in Queens, N.Y. They spent two years developing their music before making an “official” debut. The duo’s sound is clear and meticulous. Acoustic guitar, electronic beats, noise and samples provide texture, while the indie rock vocal style keeps things grounded and clean-cut through songs about various forms of trouble the guys get into.

||| Stream: “Malt Liquor”

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