Premiere: John Isaac Watters, ‘Drivin’’

John Isaac Watters

In full swing of his month-long Tuesday residency at The Hi Hat, John Isaac Watters has revealed new music, a collection of songs to be released in a series throughout 2016, which Watters created with musician/producer Tyler Chester, a friend Watters made during his two-year residency at Hyperion Tavern. “Drivin'” is the first single from Part One: “Rainstorm Brother.” Each EP will have three songs united by a theme. “Rainstorm Brother” deals with loss. Watters explains, “That of a friend to suicide, of family members departing to other continents, time slipping, and the breeze that tears the kids quietly.” With the voice of a lonesome rambler, Watters delivers a genuine, tender, sad moment like he’s slumped over the bar next to you, perking up with a tambourine every once in a while. “Drivin'” builds in sound from its initial stirrings, with instruments sweeping in and out like the breeze. It’s a sad (but really good) song that ends on a swinging, snappy point — a sense, perhaps, of carrying on.

||| Stream: “Drivin'”

||| Live: John Isaac Watters performs every Tuesday night in March at The Hi Hat.

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