Video: Kolars, “Beyond The World Of Man”


The husband and wife portion of glam folk act He’s My Brother She’s My Sister have a new band, aptly called Kolars. It’s Rob Kolar on guitar and tap-dancing drummer Lauren Brown handling the rhythm section, and the sound takes a little rockabilly, a little disco, sprinkles it with grassroots vibes, and squeezes some modern indie rock values all over the top. Is it normal to imagine that all husband and wife bands rehearse naked? Or maybe it’s just that this particular sexy duo share the kind of on-stage chemistry that comes from knowing each other so well, musically and biblically, which sets the imagination a’sizzling. Kolar, with his rocker swagger, and Brown, licking her lips as she uses her whole body to tap and smack out the beats. The first song they’ve shared is “Beyond The World Of Man,” a retro-modern indie rock number that examines our cosmic place in the world.  Its video is a street-art stop-motion animation by the artist BLU that they came across while mixing, and “by some divine stroke of luck (or fate) they matched perfectly.”

||| Watch: “Beyond The World Of Man”

||| Live: Kolars perform March 16 at Teragram Ballroom.