Video premiere: Casinos, ‘It’s Fun’


Casinos, an art-rock band of four (singer-guitarist Kreider Dane, keyboard player Rafe Noonan, drummer Jackson Katz, and handler of bass and noise Reed Kanter), offer a tasty morsel of psychedelic theatricality in the song, “It’s Fun,” from the band’s forthcoming release, “An Album,” due April 29 through local DIY label Danger Collective Records. Casinos take a cue from the “macabre stylings” of Nick Cave and Tom Waits and lace it with punk and unhinged pop. Rather than the deep, sinister man-voice of those dudes, the singing in Casinos is wild and maniacal, like it’s exploding out of a popcorn machine at the circus. As you can tell from their band photo, they are an extremely serious band with no time for fun. Absolutely no fun allowed. And they’re total jocks. Hide your children, because Casinos is coming to warp their minds with mischievous charm. The video for “It’s Fun” was created by Max Tullio, a a New York-based film student who contacted the band with an idea. Dane says, “We liked the result so we thought we might as well use it.” The nail-clipper is a nice detail.

||| Watch: “It’s Fun”

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||| Live: Casinos perform April 9 at Lyric Theatre.