Ears Wide Open: Elohim

Elohim (photo via Facebook)
Elohim (photo via Facebook)

Electro-pop siren Elohim emerged last year with an audacious, almost Nietzschean moniker (“Elohim” is a Hebrew word for god), four positively glistening singles (2.5 million plays and counting on Spotify and Soundcloud alone) and the good ol’ secret-identity ploy, which found her wearing masks, photographed with her face obscured by her hair and performing, as she did memorably at the Echo in November, cloaked in darkness. Of the name, she has said in interviews, Elohim “is very empowering, especially as a woman in art.” Of her secret identity (deep breath here), she has gone to the extreme of conducting interviews with ’zines using text-to-speech software. So who’s the woman behind the mask?

In a recent photograph on Facebook, she looks a lot like Codi Nicole Caraco, a 27-year-old from Calabasas who a few years back was in the pop outfit Frank and Derol with Brandi Cyrus (Miley’s half-sister). More recently, the songwriter, producer and classically trained pianist sang on “Time” from Mansions on the Moon’s 2014 album and the Zak Waters single “Out of My Head.”

Her four singles deftly shift moods and production technqiues, and fans are clamoring for more. Sure enough, Elohim has an EP on the way in late spring or early summer.

||| Stream: “Pigments,” “Bridge and the Wall,” “Xanax” and “She Talks Too Much”