Ears Wide Open: Oyster Kids

Oyster Kids
Oyster Kids

Much has been made of (and thousands have streamed) the first two singles from L.A. duo Oyster Kids, who for six months have managed to keep their identity a mystery from the adoring legions of music websites that apparently failed to click on the “full credits” link on the Soundcloud streams. Had they done so, Oyster Kids would have been revealed as singer-songwriter Andrew Eapen, once of the highly regarded but hard-luck O.C. quintet Steelwells, and songwriter-composer-producer Barrett Slagle, whose many credits include onetime teenage wunderkinds Great Glass Elevator, name-checked here. The players on the tunes include former Steelwell Robbie Gullage and the trio of Nick Logie, Ashleigh Allard and Josh Stephens of HOTT MT. So why should be duo’s indie-pop be your oyster? It’s got that poolside vibe you’re going to need the next few months, a little less bombastic than Neon Indian or Foster the People but no less prone to make you want to sing along. And Eapen sounds like he’s moving in for the kiss on “Lips.” “Creepy,” which was released just before Halloween, is more an out-of-body experience but no less infectious. Oyster Kids play their first proper live show tonight, so now you’re up to date.

||| Stream: “Lips” and “Creepy”

||| Live: Oyster Kids play tonight at the Satellite as part of Transviolet’s residency.